Virus & Spyware Removal

Does your computer seem slower than it used to be?  Even simple things like typing text or changing from one program to another?  Have friends or colleagues started replying to email messages you know you never sent out?  It’s possible your machine may have contracted a virus since in the constantly connected world of the Web these irritating bits of software are constantly circulating and looking to infect new machines.  The motives are multiple.  Some are just random bits of malevolence as irresponsible programmers show off by creating viruses that will cause random damage.  More common these days are spyware programs from marketers looking to capture your personal data to use in advertising campaigns.  Less common but more serious are the spyware programs that aim to intercept key financial details like your credit card numbers and transactions to hijack them for money.  There is even a category, ransomware which aims to lock down your data and refuse to release it unless you pay up.  There are some ugly characters out there. Fortunately there is also Computer Repair Ocala ready to fight for your side and remove any viral or spyware infections on your machine or your network.
Although we often hear the term ‘malware’ it’s actually a bit of  a catch all for any kind of software that does harm to the computer or its owner’s data.  So malware includes spyware and viruses for example.  Viruses typically affect the computer memory and may be simply unprovoked malicious code that erases sections of storage memory or defaces outgoing messages.  Malware may also take over a computer to use as a ‘zombie’ which means that computer then becomes an unwitting tool of spammers bouncing their messages off your computer in order to reach a wider audience of unwilling targets.  We will find any such malware hiding on your machine, and destroy it.
This is often one of the harder types of malware to trace because it doesn’t actually affect the way your computer is working.  Instead it tries to spy on your transactions and your behavior in order to market products to you.  Spyware typically infests a computer by piggy-backing on downloads so you never notice that you have installed it.  AZ Computer Repair of Ocala will find any spyware hiding on your machine and delete it for you.
The most alarming form of malware but fortunately rarer than headlines would have you believe and often easier to deal with than you think.  Ransomware typically locks down access to your computer and refuses to let you get your files back until a sum of money is paid.  In reality much ransomware can be ‘defused’ and may be bluff.  If you have threatening pop up messages demanding money or details then call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala now.
Rootkit Removal
Malware has got smarter and some of those players who want to spy on your financial or spending information expect to be found and deleted.  A rootkit is a means of hiding a secret package of code on a computer which then re installs the malware after a virus clean has taken place.  Unlike some of those virus repair packages you find on the web, AZ Computer Repair of Ocala will not only remove viruses on your machine, but also ensure they aren’t reinstalled later by a rootkit. 

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