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Whether it’s a PC or a Mac your computer is so much more than a machine.  Perhaps you rely on it for your business, maybe your finances, your memories, your creative work, or your social life.  Whatever you use it for you only really appreciate how important it is the day it stops working and while modern computers are so reliable we take them for granted, they still consist of a huge number of delicate components any one of which could fail or start to under perform.  Computers are so sophisticated that it can be an expert task even pinning down which component is to blame for a malfunction.  Fortunately for you it doesn’t matter whether the problem is hardware or software because your friendly local experts at AZ Computer Repair of Ocala are only a phone call away and whatever it is we can fix it.
Battery Replacement
Although batteries are more reliable than they once were and battery ‘memory’ is less of an issue even today’s lithium ion batteries can fail.  The commonest issue is that an older battery decides that it will no longer charge so you find your computer only works if its plugged in.  Not a disaster, but not really very mobile any more.  The biggest difference between old and new laptops in particular is that where once the user could remove the battery from its compartment even that task now requires specialist knowledge and the disassembly of the machine.  If your battery life seems to be getting shorter and shorter, or simply doesn’t count as a life at all then it’s time to call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala and get it fixed.
Keypad and Touch pad Repair
The parts of your machine that take the biggest everyday hammering are the ones you use to interact with the computer. That keyboard takes a bashing, even before you spill coffee and cookie crumbs into it.  That touch pad is smeared around every day and tapped, not always too gently, all the time.  So little wonder if those components can fail.  Fortunately AZ Computer Repair of Ocala have nursed keypads and touch pads of all kinds back to health, or replaced them if they turned out to be no hopers.

Power Buttons
It’s probably the dumbest part of a smart machine, but that doesn’t matter.  If it isn’t working then nothing else will either.  Power buttons are normally the simplest computer fix going – there’s a contact and there’s a spring and, erm, that’s it.  But that doesn’t mean you want to crack open the computer case and start messing around in there.  Even opening up a computer these days is best left to the skilled hands and long experience of your friendly local computer repair experts and that means AZ Computer Repair of Ocala.
Solid State Drives have replaced the older moving part hard drives in most upmarket computers and for good reason. Without the spinning platters and read/write heads moving over them the new drives are way less likely to suffer mechanical failure.  But that doesn’t mean they’re immune because they are still affected by any variation in power delivery.  If your SSD isn’t performing like   it used to then call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala to find out why. 

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