​Laptop Screen Repair

laptop screen repair

Laptops are great.  We love them.  You can pick them up one handed, toss them in a bag, sling that bag up onto the overhead luggage rack and… wait, what’s that noise?
Part of the downside of the way modern laptops weigh less and less every year is that inevitably they are also that little bit more delicate.  Wafer thin machines look amazing but it doesn’t take a lot of force to snap a wafer and when your device is a road-warrior’s tool accompanying you every place you go it will inevitably take some strain. Laptops go with us everywhere.  Not only to the boardroom and the client presentation but to that coffee shop on the corner where they then get shoved out the way when the bagels arrive.  They get slung in and out of bags going through airport security and squeezed into overhead luggage racks on buses.  No real surprise then that sooner or later you’re going to find yourself looking at a cracked screen.  Relax.  AZ Computer Repair of Ocala can fix that.

Cracked Screen
So the display works, but the glass is cracked.  Maybe it’s only a little crack.  Maybe it’s one of those little collections of lines fanning out from one corner.  But every time you open the screen it flexes a little and that crack will start to spread out until sure it enough it reaches right across from one corner to the next.  Don’t wait for that.  Even a small crack is distracting for you and unprofessional if noticed by others.  You don’t have to rush out and buy a new machine either. AZ Computer Repair of Ocala can simply replace that glass for you and you won’t believe how fast.
Dead Pixels/Psychedelic Screen
You’ve probably seen this one already.  Even without the machine seeming to have been dropped or banged the screen has started to play up. Either you get dead pixels, just one or two at first but now spreading or forming a really irritating line across your screen. Or the whole thing goes into a color meltdown with bizarre colors bleeding down the screen and patches of murky rainbow.  It looks really bad but if the graphics system is still working (and we can check that in seconds) then it’s easy enough for the technicians at AZ Computer Repair of Ocala to fix.
Return to Manufacturer?
Why not just return the machine to the manufacturer?  Well if it’s under warranty that’s always a possibility. But if the warranty has expired the manufacturer is not always a cost effective repair shop,  Even under warranty you’ll probably be looking at a long wait before your screen is replaced and depending on the manufacturer you may well find your screen is replaced with a ‘reconditioned’ unit of uncertain age. Or you can call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala and have it fixed today.
DIY Screen Repair?
Can you fix your own screen?  Well obviously the technicians at AZ Computer Repair of Ocala would say yes because we know how. But if you’re not a computer technician you’ll find that buying a new screen from the web is only the beginning and if you do get it wrong then you’ll spend a lot more than getting a reliable, friendly, local repair shop to do the job.

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