Data Recovery

Think for a minute about the data held on your computer or your company servers.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the digital photos of your kids, or the client records of your entire company the chances are that if that data disappears you are going to be left staring at a massive hole in your life or work life. And data does disappear.  From simple human error to deliberate sabotage it’s a simple fact of life that where people and machines come together there is always the chance of somebody doing something wrong and the machine dutifully wiping your precious information.  That’s before we consider the mechanical and electrical faults that can see a hard drive grind to a halt, withholding your data in the process.  And if all that wasn’t enough this is a world in which malware and viruses are literally constantly patrolling the net (and walking through the door on employee thumb drives) looking for machines to target, corrupt, or even hold hostage. Now here’s the good news.  Your data is vulnerable, true, but nine times out of ten when a data disaster happens AZ Computer Repair of Ocala can bring it back for you.  Call us.
The first step when you call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala is for us to come look at the physical device the data was on. It could be a USB memory drive, a RAID array, a PC, a Mac, or even a telephone but we need to find out a little about what we’re working with and what the likely cause of the data loss was in order to give you an accurate quotation about how many hours and what level of technical difficulty will be involved in recovering that data.
The next step if for AZ Computer Repair of Ocala’s experts to get to work on looking at what’s still left to recover and making sure that there aren’t more than one culprits at work, and possibly still hanging around.  It’s not unusual for us to be called in because of a failed hard drive only to find that the drive is only part of the problem and there are also viruses circulating that will be transferred with the recovered data if we don’t deal with them as well.
Data Recovery
At the consultancy stage we will be able to give you a pretty good idea of just what we’re going to be able to retrieve depending on the nature of the problem.  At the recovery stage AZ Computer Repair of Ocala’s engineers dig that data out and restore it to you in the form you want. That could be returning your files on a USB, or it could mean restoring a full RAID drive to working order with data intact.  Let us save your data and your day.
Future Proofing 
Lastly we like to help you ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.  That means a little consultancy about how better to operate your storage systems to ensure that data isn’t lost in the future.  

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