Computer Upgrades

Maybe you’ve just inherited or bought a bargain used machine.  Maybe your own machine is getting a little long in the tooth. Or maybe the machine you bought that did just fine for the needs you used to have is struggle to keep up with what you’re asking of it now.  Sooner or later it happens to everyone.  The guy in the computer shop says the answer is simple – buy a new one.  But you don’t want to. Either you’re pretty sure that you don’t really need a new one, just a bit more power in this or that direction, or you’re pretty happy with so much about the one you like that you want to know if there’s any way of extending its life with an upgrade.  Here’s the good news. Yes you can extend its life with an upgrade, and AZ Computer Repair of Ocala is here to make it happen for you.
Operating Systems
Operating system upgrades can be a bit of headache, especially since you may not be sure you need a new one (we can advise you on that) or you may have hit the familiar problem that your version of Windows tells you it’s time to upgrade and even offers you a free upgrade but promptly tells you that you don’t have enough memory to do it.  That’s probably not even true but the catch is that in order to install the new operating system Windows likes to load it on your machine while still keeping the old one and all the space it needs.  We know how to get around that so give AZ Computer Repair of Ocala a call and we’ll tell you not only if it’s a good idea for you to upgrade but how to do it safely even if your own machine says you can’t.
The simplest way to juice up any computer is simply to give it more Random Access Memory (RAM) which is the ‘live’ memory it uses when processing commands as opposed to the storage memory it saves data on.  There are lots of different types of RAM chips and ways that machines can accept new RAM so call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala and tell us what you’ve got. We’ll be able to tell you exactly how much we can beef it up by and what it will cost you.  In many cases owners feel that a RAM upgrade is as good as a new computer but for a fraction of the price.
Programs are getting bigger and bigger but also you’re probably creating more and more media you never thought you would.  All those photos, videos, and computer games have to live somewhere and after a while your old computer will start to warn you that it is running out of space.  That also slows down your daily tasks in cases where your operating system is swapping data in and out of storage as it uses it.  Not a problem. Whether it is a simple SD card inserted into the storage slot of your machine, a new hard drive, or a remotely hosted cloud computing solution we can give you world of storage to play with at the price you want.
Processor and Graphics
It’s rarer these days to upgrade the central processing unit (the main chip on the motherboard) or the graphics system but in some cases it can be done and it can totally transform the performance of the machine effectively giving you a totally new computer.  Talk to AZ Computer Repair of Ocala about what   will work best for you. 

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