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​How much does your computer binomo desktop mean to you?  Is it where your work lives? Does it hold all your financial information? Your photos? Your memories? Your creative output? Chances are it has most of these hidden away in its hard drive and you carry it with you wherever you go, dropping it on cafe tables, squeezing it into bags, shoving it into luggage racks until the day when something goes a bit wrong.  Which is when you suddenly realize just how much it means to you. 
No problem. Because computers mean everything to us at AZ Computer Repair of Ocala and we know that your machine matters every bit as much to you. We’re your friendly local computer experts and even if you’re not sure what’s wrong, but something isn’t right we promise to make your machine better than before. 

About Us
AZ Computer Repair of Ocala are skilled computer technicians dealing with Macs, PCs, laptops, desktops, and tablets.  We can fix hardware problems, help install new software or operating systems and we can upgrade your programs and your parts to give a machine a whole new lease of life or super powers compared to how it was. We can battle viruses, brings machines back from the dead, and in the worst cases where your computer really was run over by a truck we can at least get your data back.  All of which we do with no fuss, in very little time, and for very reasonable fees.  Don’t buy a new computer – come talk to AZ Computer Repair of Ocala first. 

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​There really isn’t much we don’t do when it comes to fixing computers or making them run faster and better than before.  From worse case scenarios where we will pull the data off totally wrecked machines to best case scenarios where we’re tweaking your hardware and software to give you what seems like a totally new at a fraction of the cost we can do it all. The following are a few of our most popular services.

​PC & Mac Repair
Laptop Screen Repair
Virus & Spyware Removal

PC and Mac Repair
We love PCs, we love Macs and we repair them both equally.  If you hard drive is starting to give you trouble or your solid state drive seems to be performing erratically we can repair or replace them.  Stuck or missing keys? No problem.  Power switch decided to sulk inside the case and not switch on/off any more? We’ve got it.  And we’ve got pretty much every other computer problem covered too. So if your computer isn’t computing like it should then call AZ Computer Repair of Ocala.
Laptop Screen Repair
Ouch.  Whether there’s a crack in your screen and it’s spreading. Or the whole thing is smashed to pieces, or just black, or a weird melting rainbow of random colors we can fix it.  We’ve seen pretty much every kind of screen damage and our careful computer technicians can quickly check if the machine can be saved and skillfully swap out that old screen.
Virus and Spyware Removal
With the amount of malware circulating on the net it’s just a matter of time before something tries to install itself on your machine. Remember your computer doesn’t have to be directly connecting to the net to get infected since opening a file or someone inserting a USB drive will easily do the trick. Not a problem. From malicious malware to marketing spyware we can detect the gremlins slowing down your machine, eliminate them, and make sure they don’t put in a reappearance any time soon.  Call us now if you think your precious machine is hosting something you don’t want to have on it.

​Data Recovery
Computer Repair
​Software Help

Data Recovery
Where possible we will save your old machine but if that’s really not an option we can at least make sure we siphon your precious data off and give it back to you fully restored.  AZ Computer Repair of Ocala are experts in data recovery even from physically damaged machines so call us now.

​Computer Upgrades
AZ Computer Repair of Ocala isn’t just there for the bad stuff when something is damaged or malfunctioning. We’re also there to show you just how much better your machine can be without going to the trouble and expense of buying a new one.  From software updates and operating system upgrades to memory expansion, better video display, and larger storage.  We can make your machine faster and better than ever before.
Software Help
Software that once worked fine can start to become buggy as it ages because it is no longer working well with new programs around it. Or it can malfunction, or simply need updating or upgrading to a better more recent alternative.  Whatever the solution to your software headaches we can provide it. 


AZ Computer Repair of Ocala are your friendly local computer experts in Ocala, Florida. We love talking tech but we also know how to run through your options without blinding you with science so give us a call and discuss your problems with us.  Or if you just have a simple question that you’d rather email us then use the email form on this site to get in touch and our friendly techies will get back to you right away. ​

First it was just a dark patch on the screen.  Then when I opened up the laptop one day that dark patch had become the whole screen totally scrambled.  Since I couldn’t see the cursor or the buttons I couldn’t do anything about sorting it out.  AZ Computer Repair of Ocala ran the display to another monitor to show that the computer itself was fine and then swapped out the old screen for a new one while I waited.  I walked in with a wrecked machine and walked out with a good as new computer.”  – Sebastian L.

We had virus checkers on our machines and they found viruses but these things just kept coming back so we called AZ Computer Repair of Ocala.  They told us how the virus was reinstalling itself after each clean up and removed them for us completely.  Very happy.”-  Sandra K.

On a whim I asked AZ Computer Repair of Ocala if there was any way of getting a little bit more life out of a network of aging but otherwise usable machines that were about to be retired. They took the trouble to recover and store all the data then installed a completely new operating system and lo and behold we have a working network good for some time yet in our school.” – Paul L.